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Homeowners will love being able to check the status of their solar array online with their own personal web portal. Installers will appreciate a single, all inclusive turnkey package at one low price.
This revenue grade system takes recent simple news commoditization of data acquisition hardware.

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Scarcity of resources, environmental degradation and damage to the environment are the most obvious disadvantages of oil, gas and coal. Moreover, fossil fuels, fossil fuel power stations and centralized power grids also make our society dependent on large corporations. Such gigantic infrastructures are also far too expensive for developing countries, whatever happens. Renewable energies are thus the only way to guarantee an ecological, just energy supply in the future. Nuclear power does not provide an alternative either, as it is not only extremely hazardous, but is also actually a very expensive, finite resource which is by no means climate friendly.

Sun and sand, the raw materials used to generate solar electricity, are inexhaustible. Electricity produced on rooftops will soon be cheaper than conventional electricity from a socket in the wall. Solar energy is thus well on its way to becoming the key technology for renewed economic growth and is comparable to the steam engine, the car or computer in former times.